Safety and Compliance


Ensuring the safety of all parties is paramount to W. F. O’Brien. A safe working culture means that our entire team, branching from upper management to apprentices:

  • Put safety before profitability
  • “if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well”
  • Performing works thoroughly

All employees are trained in safe work practices and are issued safe work method statements for every job. Using the tools and training at their disposal the W. F. O’Brien team are able to recognise issues of safety, be able to stop works where there is risk to safety, correct the action and proceed if safe to do so.


With diverse works taking place all over Sydney and NSW, we are dedicated to sustainability and managing our environmental footprint through standard practices and frameworks at all levels of the company.

From every department there is s training and focus on the importance of the way we operate in the environment as well as the footprint that we leave. With a diverse range of staff we are able to minimise our footprint and move forward in our environmental development.

Focusing on going above and beyond compliance sets us apart, our environmental management sees us constantly improving and streamlining our operations.