W.F. O’Brien Provides Your Facility with an Unrivalled Advantage

It takes surface-level knowledge to understand why

facility and asset management

is necessary, but a depth of experience and expertise to execute on that knowledge.

With over 40 years of experience, the W.F. O’Brien team provides streamlined solutions to assist in the running of your facility or the management of your assets. Where others see problems, we see solutions.

Our focus ensures you are supported by security professionals able to react to the challenges of your commercial space or assets, at real-time and at speed. Across mechanical and electronic locking solutions, we strive to deliver the safest and most efficient methods at all times.

Our Facility Management and Asset Services:

  • Asset management and maintenance planning
  • Everyday security management solutions
  • Mechanical and electronic security solutions
  • Risk identification and prevention solutions
  • Individual and whole opening project management

More than Sydney’s leading locksmiths, the W.F. O’Brien brand is synonymous with security. To support your needs, we’re proud to offer security assessments to identify risk and offer proactive preventative solutions to slash the risk of a security breach and allow you to focus on your commercial endeavours.

Leading Security for Strata Managers, Building Managers and Property Managers

Whether you’re a property management organisation with multiple buildings or a Sydney office manager looking to protect your employees, the right security measures are critical.

Our highly experienced and licensed team have extensive understanding in the identification of architectural hardware faults and their necessary repair and/or replacement.

We offer a wide range of services to streamline the running of your commercial facility including lock change and replacement, security fitouts and upgrades, door repair, and electronic access control systems.

Our preventative maintenance service delivers peace of mind in your security systems. We can help identify weaknesses in your current facility’s security system that need repairing, reinforcing or replacing. With reports included to outline our recommendations you’ll have a roadmap to optimal security performance.