Fire Protection Services

We are able to offer the services of Inspecting & Testing as per AS1851, upgrades and repairs and Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS) on Essential Fire Safety Measures (ESFM).

Inspect and Testing Services:
Inspect and test services are based on Australian Standard 1851-2012. This is an industry standard for the routine service of fire protection systems and equipment. Although building owners are required to supply an Annual statement to council (AFSS), it is advised that more frequent inspection and testing is done on essential fire safety measures (EFSM) to minimise the risk of fire hazards and
ensure that everything reasonably possible has been done to ensure EFSM’s functioning and risk of hazards is minimised.

Maintenance and Repairs:
Keeping fire safety measures in working order is critical to saving lives in an emergency. Our qualified technicians are trained to maintain, repair and replace doors and associated hardware that no longer meet their requirements as outlined in Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000, the National Construction Code and/or their associated Australian Standard. Whether a voluntary upgrade or general wear and tear, we are able to ensure your EFSM’s are working to their prescribed requirements.

Annual Fire Safety Statements:
Annual Fire Safety Statement Certificate must be obtained by all building owners and submitted to council. This ensures the property is compliant with all fire safety measures outlined on the fire safety schedule. It’s essential that everyone from building owners to property and strata managers
have their fire safety systems endorsed by a qualified person. Any practitioners endorsing an EFSM on an annual or supplementary fire safety statement must be an accredited CFSP fire safety assessor and hold an accreditation number.