No Matter What Business You’re In, You Need Strong, Durable and Functional Doors

WF. O’Brien offers a range of

commercial door services

across installation and repair of hinges, locks, door handles, and automatic closers to ensure your business is safe and secure.

Have your doors been compromised through accidental damage, bad weather, or criminal acts?

Whether you run a retail store, hospitality venue, industrial space or Sydney office, keeping your doors in proper working condition is critical. Unfortunately, door issues can strike at any time.

Without regular care and maintenance, manual doors can quickly become stuck, damaged or unsafe. At best these conditions are a distraction to your team’s productivity or your business profitability. At worst, damaged doors can pose significant safety risks, for example fire doors that become stuck or unable to open fully, leading to catastrophic problems.

Our Commercial Door Services:

  • Egress Certification
  • Full Service (All Doors)
  • Competitive Service Contracts
  • Full Service (Automatic Swing Door)
  • Sliding, stack-away and moveable walls

  • Hinged and pivot doors
  • Door Closer Installation
  • Fire Door Inspections, Reports & Tagging
  • Door Repair (steel, wood, glass, aluminium, toughened glass)

At W.F. O’Brien we have over 40 years of experience working with all door varieties, offering specialist support for toughened glass that other companies don’t. When you’re looking for fast, reliable and professional door repair and replacement, reach out and speak to a member of our team on (02) 9516 2477 today.

Are Your Employees, Tenants or Guests Protected?

Are you experiencing problems when closing your doors? Noise distractions interrupt Australian workplaces an average of 5 times a day. While working door closers are needed to support the health, wellbeing and safety of your building’s occupants.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re managing an office space, a restaurant or a retail outlet, problems with your door closers have the potential to disrupt your staff, patrons and customers. Through ongoing use, your door closers can malfunction, damaging their effectiveness, delivering a loss of strength or an inability to open/close effectively, and posing risks to your property. Whether it’s excess slamming, doors closing too quickly, or not at all, W.F. O’Brien provides a specialist service for commercial door closers in Sydney and surrounds.

We supply, install and repair a full range of door closers:

  • Floor Springs
  • Transform Closers
  • Cam Action Doors
  • Rack & Pinion Doors
  • Automatic Swing Doors

Commercial Door Supply and Installation


With the ever-increasing number of Sydney residents living in strata communities, there is an increased need for building managers to source reliable fire door repair and installation support.

With our extensive knowledge of fire door rules, regulations and hardware, you can rely on W.F. O’Brien for certified installations that adhere to council regulations and leave you with lasting peace of mind.

Supply and Install:

✓ Fire rated and standard doors
✓ Fire door replacement
✓ Fire door and smoke seals
✓ Fire rated locks


Commercial-grade toughened glass door installations can bring significant stress, underscoring the need for a door repair and installation team with the experience to handle the job.

With W.F. O’Brien you’re able to enjoy a lasting solution across any type of toughened glass install, including all associated hardware. Whether you want your door to free wing, close or slide, our solutions offer premium quality while adhering to safe work regulations and minimal disruptions to your working environment.

✓ Toughened glass door installation
✓ All associated hardware