Project Description

St Peters Public School

When asked to think outside the square, W. F. O’Brien are able to confidently say that we are able to develop any custom locking system to suit the client needs. As was the case with St. Peters Public School.

As long standing financial supporters of the St Peters Public School, we were contacted by the parents association to find a solution to a long standing problem on their access system. “Priority is always given to the safety and wellbeing of the students, as well as the staff and any visitors” – P&C vice President

To start with, custom fabrication had to be installed onto the gate to allow for a surface mounted door closer. “The kids never close the door, so we had to install a door closer that would ensure that the door returned to the closed position every time.” – Jack, W. F. O’Brien senior locksmith. What better way than with a Dorma door closer with a 24 months parts and labour warranty.

Then came the issue of finding a solution to the issue of access. “Being a state school with limited expenditure, hardwiring an access control system was out of the question.” – Chris, W. F. O’Brien Security Consultant. The obvious option was the Salto Access Control system, a wireless access control solution that are able to reduce the cost on installation, with its Data-on card Mi-fare technology we are able to consistently update access requirement with a simple swipe.

Problems being out in the weather, was the next question. The response, a custom fabricated cowling was manufactured to keep the bulk of water and general weather off the lock.

Final issue presented by the school: Children. It’s all well and good to install a stainless steel striker plate to a gate. However with children running in and out the risk of torn clothing or injured children was high. The solution: Custom fabricated block to house the strike and inhibit the access to any fixing screws.

The Final Product: A completely independent escutcheon to work inconjunction with a standard narrow style mortise lock. Timed to open during school hours, allowing easy access for the students. And an automatic locking system to occur once school is over to ensure vandals and unauthorised personnal cannot enter.