Opening and Security Management

We are both commercial and residential door service, locksmith and access controls specialist. With such a variety of staff from different age and social backgrounds bring a wealth of knowledge to W. F. O’Brien its sales and operations. With many accolades, such as the Marrickville Business Achievement Award, from commercial and residential organisation, we have shown time and time again of our client driven mentality. All staff working tirelessly at placing the client first.

Providing opening and security management to local government, large scale commercial properties and a variety of local residential premises. There is no wonder that when people think entrance and access control systems, they immediately think W. F. O’Brien. Being founder and warranty agents for Dorma Door Controls (one of Australia’s most popular architectural door hardware brands) there is no doubt that all clients’ results can be achieved with the help of a multi-talented team composed of Sydney locksmiths and door specialists. composed of Sydney locksmiths and door specialists.