Wireless Access Control Systems and Installation

Access Control System

Be in Control with Wireless Access Control Systems

Our access control system is built to suit both residential and commercial applications. We offer flexible and functional access control with a wide choice of software options. Working in conjunction with current locks, our access control systems allow you to keep your original doors and locks in place.

As labour costs grow, and the price of hardware drops, we are finding more clients becoming more interested in wireless access control. Our access control system options are fast, self-contained and straightforward. With the elimination of ‘running wires’, access control installation times are reduced drastically, along with prices, with the same end result.

SALTO Systems Certified PartnerBoth key cards and locks can be programmed to allow or restrict access to different parts of a building, and all the information is stored, transferred to a computer and can allow you to see who entered and when.

Our access control hardware works especially well in heritage listed buildings and architecturally specific applications.

Particular application of our access control installation services include:

  • Hotels, motels and hostels
  • Universities/Colleges
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Offline residential keypad options, so you never have to worry about losing a key again